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Obtain a Tech Visa for Portugal

Obtain a Tech Visa for Portugal

The Portugal tech visa is a program involving innovative technological companies interested in employing highly qualified third-country nationals. The main goal is encouraging and attracting these highly qualified professionals to Portugal.

Certain requirements are in place for the tech visa for Portugal and they concern both the company in which the employment will be secured, as well as the qualifications of the non-EU professionals who apply for this type of visa.

The Portugal tech visa is one of the ways in which foreign nationals, in this case, qualified non-Schengen professionals, can remain in the country for medium to long periods and thus be eligible for permanent residency.

Our Portugal immigration specialists can assist companies or foreign professionals who are interested in exploring their options under this tech visa. If you would like to receive personalized details, in addition to the information presented herein, do not hesitate to reach out to one of our local agents.

The Portugal tech visa program

Portuguese companies looking to hire highly qualified professionals from outside the EU can take advantage of the tech visa accreditation program. In order to qualify as a company recognized under this special regime, the respective business entity will need to pass a special certification, proving its innovativeness, among other criteria.

Apart from the conditions set forth for the company itself, the following are relevant for the candidate who wishes to apply for the tech visa in Portugal:

  • be a third-country national who is not an EU permanent resident;
  • be at least 18 years of age and not have a criminal record;
  • have a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent 5 years experience in a specialized technical field;
  • have sufficient Portuguese, English, Spanish, or French language knowledge;
  • the applicant is able to fulfill all tax obligations.

Companies that qualify for this program are able to recruit their qualifying employees in an easier manner. An important condition for businesses is that they can recruit 50% of their staff in this manner (or 80% if they are located in certain areas of the country).

The authority setting forth the main conditions for programs such as the tech visa is the Ministry of Economy and Maritime Affairs, responsible for issuing, assessing, and enforcing the country’s policies for investment and innovation, among others.

Some non-EU professionals may be interested in exploring other options for residence permits in Portugal, apart from the Portugal tech visa. The golden visa (for minimum investments in Portuguese real estate) and the digital nomad visa (for professionals who undertake this type of freelance work) are valid options. Our team can assist you irrespective of the type of visa or residence permit you choose to apply for.

The documents needed for the tech visa in Portugal

The main documents that are required from applicants are listed below, along with the minimum salary requirements for thus type of visa:

  • the valid employment contract or employment promise from a qualifying company;
  • the agreement needs to be valid for 1 year;
  • the salary needs to be 1.5 times the annual gross salary or 3 times the indexed value for the social welfare support;
  • for certain professional activities, the minimum salary needs to be 1.2 times the annual gross salary/2 times the indexed value for the social welfare support;
  • in the case of the Portugal tech visa applicants who will engage in highly qualified professions, proof is needed that they are permitted to exercise the said profession in Portugal.

As needed, our team can also give you details about the expected fees, and other requirements that may be in place in your case.

If you need personalized guidance on the Portugal tech visa requirements, do not hesitate to reach out to our team. If you are a highly qualified third-country national interested in obtaining a resident permit for working in a qualifying innovative company, our local Portugal immigration agents will assess your case and guide you through the application steps.

Contact us for more information about our services, as well as if you are interested in other matters, such as retiring to Portugal.