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Family Reunion Visa in Portugal

Family Reunion Visa in Portugal

The family reunion visa for Portugal is issued to those foreign nationals who wish to join another family member, such as a spouse, who is already living in the country. It is important to note that only foreign nationals who have a valid residence permit can invite their family members to join them.

If you wish to know more about the residence permits available for different purposes, and how to extend an existing permit before inviting your family, our team of Portugal immigration specialists can help you.

The Portugal family reunion visa

This is a type of visa that is issued not to the holder of the residence permit, but to the family members(s) who reside outside of Portugal at the time of the application. Therefore, the foreign national who already lives in Portugal base don a work, investment, or study permit has an important role during the application process and is required to provide additional details about how he or she will support the family after they arrive in the country.

The family reunion visa for Portugal is applied for at a consular office in the country where the family member reside, however, before this, the foreign national living in Portugal is expected to request this from the Immigration and Borders Service.

The application for the family reunification visa is issued only if the Immigration and Borders Service maintains a favorable opinion for this. We can help you if you are a UK national looking to apply, as well as if you are a foreign national of any other country.

Documents needed for the family reunion visa in Portugal

The following general documents are required when applying for a family reunification visa:

  • Two recent identical photographs;
  • Documents indicating the residence status;
  • Documents proving the family links;
  • Copies of the family members’ identification documents;
  • Evidence of accommodation and means of subsistence;
  • Criminal record from the family member’s country of origin.

Specific documents include those related to the adoption of a minor child, certificates of incapacity for dependants (if applicable), and others, certificate of economic dependence for first-degree relatives, and others.

Our Portugal immigration team can help you prepare these documents. You can reach out to us for more information about the specific ones, should you be subject to a certain family situation described above (such as child adoption).

Our team can also assist applicants interested in other types of visas. Freelancers can apply for a convenient and new visa, the nomad visa for Portugal with our help. They will need to comply with the minimum income requirements, as well as the type of remote work they engage in (for deriving income from outside the country. Our team will give you more details.

Family reunification FAQ

Applying for a visa that allows your family members to join you in Portugal is subject to thorough verification of your relationship. It is natural to have questions about the process and you can find answers to some of the most common ones below.

Who are the family members accepted for a Portugal family reunion visa?

The following categories are considered the family members of a foreign national who is a Portuguese resident:

  • Spouse;
  • Minor children;
  • Dependents of the foreign national or of the spouse;
  • Minors adopted by the non-married resident;
  • First-degree relatives, who are dependents of the resident or the spouse;
  • Minor brothers or sisters, if under the guardianship of the resident.

How long does it take to receive the family reunification visa?

For a family reunion visa for Portugal, the relationship between the foreign national living in Portugal and the joining family member(s) is carefully assessed. Therefore, one can expect a processing time of more than 60 days, in some cases around 90 days.

What are the fees for Portuguese visas?

The Foreigners and Borders Service imposes certain fees on all of the types of visas it issues to foreign nationals. The following were in place at the time this article was written:

  • 533 € for the granting of a family reunification permit for the holder of a residence permit for investment;
  • 2663 € for the renewal of the residence permit of a family member reunited with the holder of a residence permit for investment purposes;
  • 5325 € for issuing a third and successive copy of the residence permit for investment purposes, including that issued for the accompanying family members.

You can reach out to us for updated information.

What are the steps after receiving the family reunion visa for Portugal?

Once your family member(s) joins you in Portugal, he/she or they will need to register with the authorities.

A family reunion visa is a popular option for non-EU citizens, as well as EU citizens who wish to reunite with their non-EU family members. If you have questions about the rights of your family members when it comes to applying for a residence permit in Portugal, our team will analyse your particular situation and will give you the right answers. Please reach out to us as needed.

A foreign national can choose to apply for Portuguese nationality after five years lawfully spent in the country based on a valid temporary residence permit. If you would like to know more about your options according to your reason for stay, our team can give you complete details about the minimum requirements for gaining Portuguese citizenship.

If you would like to know more about the general process needed to relocate to Portugal, you can reach out to our agents. If you are already in the country and wish to start the process to obtain a family reunion visa for Portugal, our team can guide you and your family members. Contact us for more details about our services and to schedule an initial meeting.