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Immigrate to Portugal from Australia

Immigrate to Portugal from Australia

Portugal is a popular choice among immigrants to Europe because of its geography, the quality of life and the generally positive attitude towards expats. Australians can find that the warm climate, with mild winters, is suitable for them and is also an advantage. 

In order to immigrate to Portugal from Australia, an individual will need to go through a standard process of obtaining a relevant visa. Once this is complete, he can make the arrangements for coming to the country and finding a place to rent or to purchase. Families can also come to Portugal together and a special type of visa, the family reunification visa, is also in place. Obtaining a residence permit in Portugal for a permanent stay is common.

Our team of Portugal immigration specialists answers a set of important questions in this article. Moreover, we are able to assist immigrants from Australia who are already interested in making this change and require specialized counseling and support during the application.

Which is the appropriate type of visa for Australians in Portugal?

The suitable visa will depend on the purpose of the stay. Thus, the following options are available:

  1. Work: a visa for Australians who will come to Portugal as an employee in a Portuguese company; also available for entrepreneurs who will engage in independent work.
  2. Study or research: a visa that allows students to reside in the country; available for students, high-school student exchange, internships, volunteer work.
  3. Professional training: a visa for an unpaid internship that also has a component of professional training, as applicable.
  4. Family reunification: a visa that allows families to reunite in Portugal; special conditions and approvals are needed.

The work visa is a comprehensive type that can be used not only for employment, either in a company or as an independent professional, but also for work as a highly qualified individual or for teaching or professorial activity in a higher education institution. It can also be used for sports activities. Australians can find out more about this type of visa from our immigration lawyer in Portugal

Australian digital nomads can relocate to Portugal based on a visa for remote work, as long as they qualify for a minimum monthly income (calculated according to the minimum wage). Their professional activity will be offered to their Australian or international clients as they will work remotely from a Portuguese city. Our team can give you more details about the nomad visa for Portugal.

If you are interested in knowing more about your options to apply for a residence permit in Portugal, our team can analyse your particular situation and give you personalized answers. Australian nationals who wish to come to Portugal together with their family members can also talk to us about the options for their relatives in terms of residency and how long their permits will be valid.

What are the advantages for investors in Portugal?

Apart from the visas briefly described above, Australians also have the option to obtain a residence permit in Portugal (for stays of 1 year or more) when they decide to invest in the country or when the purchase property of a certain amount. 

The “Tech Visa” and the “Startup Visa” are two programs addressed to companies and investors in selected business fields. For example, the tech visa simplifies the access of qualified professionals in the field of technology while the startup visa welcomes foreign investors who present a new idea and business model. Investors who decide to open a company in Portugal will need to follow the general company formation steps that will include choosing a business form, choosing a unique company name and preparing the documents for incorporation. The company will be registered with Commercial Register. When moving to Portugal, the startup visa can be an option for Australians. 

Apart from these two visas for technological companies or for startups, investors also have the option to acquire property or submit a certain investment amount for the support of a national of private scientific activity, for acquiring investment funds, for the support of artistic production or the rehabilitation of national cultural heritage. Real estate investments are also an option. One of our lawyers can provide interested individuals with more information. 

Investors who decide to remain in the country can apply for Portugal citizenship after a number of years. There is also the option of applying for citizenship by investment in Portugal and our lawyers can offer more details about this matter.

What are other issues to take into consideration when moving to Portugal?

When applying for the selected type of visa, Australians will need to prepare certain documents. The list below includes the general documentation, apart from the one that will be specific for the purpose of the visa. These documents include the following:

  • the filled-in official form;
  • the passport valid for at least three months after arrival;
  • valid travel insurance;
  • criminal record;
  • proof of means of subsistence. 

One of our immigration lawyers in Portugal can provide individuals with complete information about the Government policies for immigration. We can also offer details to those who are already living in the country and wish to know more about how to obtain Portugal citizenship.

According to a 2018 statistic released by the Foreigners and Borders Service, the number of Australians living in Portugal was the following:

  • 372 total immigrants from Australia;
  • out of this total number, 187 were men; and
  • there were 185 women living in Australia.

Living in Portugal can be advantageous in terms of entrepreneurship opportunities or employment possibilities. Contact our immigration lawyers in Portugal for complete assistance if you are an Australian who is planning on moving to the country alone or with your family.

We also assist other foreign nationals looking to relocate to the country, now only Australian ones. If you are interested in knowing more about temporary residency, followed by permanent residency and ultimately citizenship in Portugal, please reach out to our team. We offer personalized guidance, based on the applicant’s nationality and purpose of stay.