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Immigrate to Portugal from Iran

Immigrate to Portugal from Iran

Individuals who immigrate to Portugal from Iran can follow this short guide on the main issues they should take into consideration. 

Our Portugal immigration specialists can assist individuals interested in relocating to this country as soon as they have made the decision to apply for a type of visa. We can help with additional information on the general requirements and, after a case evaluation, can provide details on the special requirements that may be necessary. By working with our team, individuals can make sure that their submissions to the Portuguese Embassy Iran, located in Tehran. 

It is important to understand the application procedure since the Visa Centre in Tehran will deal with Schengen Visa requests but not with study and residence visas. This is why the help of our team can be important for a smooth and hassle-free process.  

Types of visas for Portugal

Individuals who wish to move to Portugal from Iran have a number of options when it comes to the reason for the long stay in the country:

  1. The business visa: the startup visa is offered to those entrepreneurs interested in opening a company in Portugal.
  2. The employment visa: for individuals employed by a Portuguese company as well as for self-employed individuals.
  3. The family visa: this is awarded for family reunification purposes, to the spouse of the underage children as well as children who are of age and are eligible. 
  4. The study visa: for higher education students admitted into a Portuguese University or those attending qualification courses or professional courses.
  5. The Investment visa: this can be offered for multiple types of investment, including the purchase of real estate or capital transfers with a certain value.

The study visa also covers researchers who are part of a mobility program, trainees as well as volunteers who come to Portugal.

The investment residence permit in Portugal is awarded to those who, through their investment, create at least ten job positions, purchase real estate in Portugal with a total value of 350,000 euros or more, those who make a capital transfer for research institutions in the national scientific or technologic system (also with the value of 350,000 euros or more). Capital transfers with the same value for the acquisition of investment fund units or capital transfers for the purpose of opening a business in Portugal that will create at least five permanent job positions (subject to other requirements as well). Those who can make a capital transfer with a value of 1 million euros or above can also receive this type of visa.

Iranian nationals can temporarily reside in Portugal based on a visa for digital nomads. This allows the holder to remain in the country and continue his or her professional activity remotely as long as a minimum monthly income is ensured. The nomad visa in Portugal is not the same as the visa for passive income and our team can give you more details about the differences.

The residence permit in Portugal for employed individuals (that also includes a residence visa) is perhaps one of the most common manners in which individuals can immigrate to Portugal from Iran. The applicant or his legal representative at the regional directorate or delegation in Iran submits the application for residence in person. From there, it is forwarded as needed. The application documents include the following:

  • Recent photographs: two identical ones are required, in which the individual can be easily identified.
  • Valid ID: the valid passport or any other valid travel document is needed for this application.
  • Employment contract: the applicant must present the employment contract signed with the employer, as per the laws in force.
  • Criminal record: this is a permission granted for the purpose of checking the criminal record.
  • Means of staying in the country: proof of sufficient means of subsistence as well as proof of accommodation.
  • Supporting documents: additional information showing the registration with the tax authorities and for the payment of social security. 

Understandably, other types of resident permit applications will include supporting documentation for their specific purpose. For example, the permit for investors will include information about the type and the value of the investment.

Foreign nationals who are already in the country, living permanently with a residence permit can, after some time, apply for Portugal citizenship. Our team can provide details on how to obtain a citizenship by investment in Portugal.

General details about Portugal immigration

Iranian immigrants can find various opportunities in Portugal related to employment or study that will determine them to apply for a long-term visa. Alternatively, Iranians who are already living in the country can commence the process related to family reunification.

An immigration lawyer in Portugal from our team can assist all individuals who are looking for more information on how to apply for the adequate type of visa, how to fill in the standard forms and what are the general fees according to their type of application.

Foreign nationals who are already in the country, living permanently with a residence permit can apply for Portugal citizenship. The minimum number of years one needs to lawfully spend in the country before he/she can apply is five years. In addition to this, the applicant will also need to show proof of sufficient income, as well as sufficient Portuguese language knowledge, among other criteria. Our team can assist you if you wish to apply for citizenship by naturalization.

We can provide complete services pre-arrival as well as post-arrival services related to permanent residence permits, acquiring the long-term resident status and applying for citizenship through naturalization.

Contact us for complete information about the services we provide and for customized services if you are looking to immigrate to Portugal from Iran

If you are not an Iranian citizen and would like to know more about how to relocate to the country and the conditions to obtain a residence permit in Portugal for your situation, you can reach out to our team of experts. We provide guidance and assistance to foreign nationals, both EU and non-EU citizens. You can reach out to us as soon as you decide to relocate to Portugal.