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Obtain D2 Visa Portugal

Obtain D2 Visa Portugal

The D2 visa for Portugal is intended for non-EU foreign nationals who wish to engage in independent professional activities or who are migrant entrepreneurs.

Our Portugal immigration agents assist all foreign nationals who wish to apply for this type of visa or for others, such as the digital nomad visa.

The visa is applied for at the Portuguese Embassy or Consulate in the person’s country of origin and it allows the holder to remain in the country for a limited time, however, subject to subsequent extensions.

The Portugal D2 visa can be an ideal opportunity to enter the country for long-term purposes for foreign nationals who wish to open a Portuguese company or those who have the skills to engage in independent activities.

Depending on your nationality, as well as the independent professional activity you wish to engage in, we can recommend the most suitable course of action before you decide to submit your application to the Portuguese Embassy or Consulate in your country of origin.

Documents required for the Portugal D2 visa

As for all types of visas, the applicant is required to meet a number of requirements, as well as to provide essential documents.

The following documents are required for the D2 visa Portugal:

  1. Application form: the filled in document, signed by the applicant; only digital forms are taken into account;
  2. Photographs: 2 photographs are required, one of which is included/pasted in the application form;
  3. Insurance: a travel medical insurance valid for the duration is the stay is mandatory; it must cover urgent medical care, other medical expenses, and repatriation in case of death;
  4. Criminal record: issued by the authorities in the applicant’s country of origin or any other country in which the applicant has resided for more than one year; the police clearance is generally authenticated and stamped by the authorities;
  5. Others: proof of means of subsistence (work contract, work contract promise, statement of responsibility, other means of showing adequate income).

These documents above are required by the authorities when one applies for a D2 visa for Portugal irrespective of the activity the individual will engage in (be it an independent activity or acquiring the status of migrant entrepreneur).

If you wish to apply for another type of visa, such as the one for foreign investments in real estate property (subject to a minimum investment) our team can answer your questions.

We can also help you if you wish to retire to Portugal.

The Portugal D2 visa for independent professional activity

This type of visa can be applied for by foreign nationals who wish to remain in the country to perform an independent professional activity.

Proper qualifications in their field of study or work are essential.

In some cases, the applicant may be asked to submit a statement from the competent authorities in his or her country of origin stating the professional competence for the said activity.

Proof of Portuguese knowledge is not required in particular for this type of visa, however, it is reasonably expected of those who plan on engaging in independent professional activities in the country.

Foreign nationals moving to Portugal to engage in professional activities can be subject to the non-habitual resident taxation regime (or NHR regime). This applies to those who engage in high-value activities, such as doctors or university teachers, artists, and engineers, as well as those who engage in other types of professional activities. Company directors and executives also fall under this category.

In practice, each professional activity is subject to a special evaluation, in order to determine its compliance with the condition to be considered a high value added activity. To qualify for this status, a foreign national will also need to:

  • Become Portuguese tax residents;
  • Not have been subject to taxation as a Portuguese resident five years before taking up residence in this country;
  • Apply for a Portuguese taxpayer number, register as a tax resident, and then apply for the NHR status.

When granted this status, the foreign national will be subject to a special 20% flat income tax rate on the income derived from the high value added activities.

If you would like to know more about taxation in Portugal, as well as the taxation regime for foreign source income and other types of income, our team can answer your questions.

The D2 visa for Portugal for migrant entrepreneurs

The D2 visa used for entrepreneurship purposes is a suitable option for those looking to open a company in Portugal or make another business investment.

When the Portugal D2 visa is used for a startup, the business owner will also need to provide evidence of having signed a contract with a certified incubator in the country, as per the rules for the Startup Visa Program set forth by the Minister of Economy

Entrepreneurs who open a company in Portugal will need to choose a unique company name, as well as prepare the company’s Articles of Association. Additionally, they will be asked to provide a minimum capital (in cash and/or in kind). In some cases, when a shareholder cannot be present in Portugal for the registration of the business, he or she can be represented by another party through a power of attorney. Our Portugal immigration agents can give you more details about company formation in the country.

If you do not qualify for an entrepreneurial activity for the D2 visa, perhaps you are a freelancer who can apply for the nomad visa in Portugal. This is based on income derived from professional activities outside of the country, which are performed remotely from Portugal. A minimum monthly income requirement applies, as for other visas, and our team can give you details.

A resident’s duties in Portugal

If you apply for a Portugal D2 visa, or another type of visa that allows you to remain in the country for medium to long-term purposes, you will need to comply with the rules for renewing your right if stay, as well as other requirements.

Living in Portugal has several advantages, however, it also implies that the foreign national will comply with the country’s rules. If you obtain residency in Portugal in the form of a D2 visa, you will have the duties described below by our team.

The duty to communicate includes the following:

  • Inform the authorities of any change in their civil status or place of residence within 60 days of such occurrence;
  • Inform the authorities before leaving the country for more than six consecutive months or eight inconsecutive months, when such leave takes place during the validity period of the residence permit for Portugal; the holder of the temporary residence permit will also need to inform the authorities when leaving the country for a longer period.

The duty to always hold a valid visa and to apply for its renewal accordingly. The residence permit is to be renewed thirty days before the end of its validity. Our specialists in Portugal immigration are able to assist you so that you can comply with this renewal term.

The duty to observe public order, security, and health while you are living in the country under a D2 visa for Portugal (or any other type of residence permit). This means that the holder will refrain from engaging in activities that could lead to convictions which (either individually or cumulatively) amount to more than one year of imprisonment.

You will also have the same duties if you apply for a nomad visa in Portugal. Different conditions will apply once you obtain citizenship in Portugal. Failure to comply with the requirements for lawful entry and stay in the country (always having a valid residence permit and renewing it accordingly), as well as failure to meet the communication requirements (informing the authorities on the matters listed above), results in administrative offences.

According to the authorities, between 2012 and 2021 there have been 10,170 applications for residence permits for investment activities. The numbers were the following, according to nationality:

  • 5,000 Chinese applicants
  • 1,038 Brazilian applicants;
  • 476 Turkish applicants;
  • 433 South African applicants and 409 Russian applicants.

Contact us if you want to apply for a D2 visa for Portugal. We can help you throughout all the application steps.  

The D2 visa is just one of the types of residence visas our team offers assistance for. We provide ongoing guidance during the application process for a residence permit in Portugal regardless of the applicant’s ultimate purpose of stay. Whether it is a retirement visa, a visa for family reunification, or a short-term Schengen visa, our team is ready to answer your questions.

In time, the D2 visa that has been properly renewed can allow its holder to apply for citizenship in Portugal. This is a process that involves not only living in the country with a valid permit for at least five years but also having sufficient knowledge of the Portuguese language, having regular income (as is the case for many types of visas), as well as meeting other criteria. Our team can give you more details.