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Immigrate to Portugal from Mexico

Immigrate to Portugal from Mexico

Portugal can be a good choice for Mexicans looking to relocate from their home country as well as for those who are looking for work and business opportunities in Europe. The living costs, the climate as well as the general quality of life can be important factors that determine Mexican nationals to move to Portugal and prefer this country to other EU locations.

In order to immigrate to Portugal from Mexico, Mexicans will need to follow the procedure for obtaining a long-stay visa, which is a residence permit in Portugal in order to be able to stay in the country for lengthier periods. Those who are initially traveling to the country for less than 90 days are not required to obtain a visa.

The Portuguese Embassy or Consulate in the country of residence in Mexico handles the application for a residence permit. An embassy of Portugal is located in Ciudad de Mexico and other consulates are found in Cancun, Veracruz, and Monterrey.  

Mexicans who are interested in moving to Portugal can reach out to one of our agents before commencing the application process with the embassy or consulate in their city. Our team can also assist those who have already been living in the country lawfully and are ready to apply for Portugal citizenship.

Applying for residence in Portugal

Obtaining residence in Portugal is determined by the purpose of the stay. This can be related to working, studying, investing as well as reuniting with family members who are already in the country. below, our team of Portugal immigration agents lists the most common types:

  1. Working in Portugal: individuals can apply for a residence visa when they have a work permit or when they are self-employed.
  2. Opening a business in Portugal: residence visas can be granted to those entrepreneurs who are looking to found a start-up in the country.
  3. Investing in Portugal: this possible for those investors who purchase property with a value of at least 500 thousand euros as well as those who make capital transfers or who create jobs.
  4. Studying in Portugal: for students, researchers, trainees or those attending secondary education.
  5. Other situations: a residence visa can also be granted for family reunification purposes.

If you are a digital nomad from Mexico interested in a temporary relocation to Portugal, during which you will continue to work remotely, you can apply for a nomad visa for Portugal. This allows you to remain in the country if you are self-employed or work for a non-Portuguese company if you can provide proof of sufficient income. The nomad visa is different from the passive income visa.

The holder of a residence permit in Portugal has the duty to inform the authorities of any modification of their place of residence or their civil status as well as the duty to observe all of the public security and public health principles. 

The documents required for the residence permit application will differ according to the purpose of the stay and supporting documents or evidence will need to be provided for the residence permit, for example (proof of property purchase and its value). One of our agents can give you more details.

Mexican citizens can confidently reach out to our team for complete information about their residence permit for Portugal. We provide personalized assistance to those who are just applying for a residence visa, as well as those who are interested in their options to change the type of residence visa (for example, from study to employment). Please reach out to us for more details.

Residence renewal for Mexicans in Portugal

Mexicans interested in moving to Portugal will not only need to obtain an initial residence permit but they will also need to renew it as required by law. For this purpose, individuals are required to submit an online application. This includes the following documents:

  • Identification document: this is a valid passport or another travel document, which is valid.
  • Photographs: two recent photographs are required for the application, in which the applicant is clearly distinguishable.
  • Proof of income: the applicant will be required to show that he has sufficient means of subsistence. 
  • Tax situation: when applicable, the applicant must be able to show his tax situation.
  • Social security situation: in some cases, the applicant will also need to prove his social security situation and allow for a criminal record check-up. 

The application for renewal needs to be submitted at least 30 days prior to the expiry date of the current permit. The application will also imply the payment of certain fees, approximately 40 euros for the renewal of a permanent residence permit; different fees apply for the renewal of temporary residence permits as well as for other types of permits. Employees Mexicans in Portugal can also be required to submit additional information about their employment situation when submitting the application for renewal.

Our team of Portugal immigration agents can help you with the renewal process and with detailed information about specific types of permits, such as those issues in intra-company transfers. 

Moving to Portugal can present numerous advantages for Mexican nationals. There are multiple manners in which foreign nationals can choose to stay in the country for lengthier periods and the legal provisions allow foreign citizens to be treated equally in terms of fiscal rights, the recognition of their diplomas and their professional qualifications. 

Mexican citizens who have been living in Portugal for at least five years can decide if they wish to apply for citizenship in Portugal by naturalization. Their application will need to include documents attesting to their lawful stay in the country, as well as proof of income, having sufficient Portuguese language knowledge, and being integrated into the community.

For more information about immigration to Portugal, please do not hesitate to contact our local experts. We can help Mexican nationals follow through with the requirements for a residence permit application. We can also help in obtaining a golden visa in Portugal and those who wish to apply for Portugal citizenship.