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Immigrate to Portugal from Russia

Immigrate to Portugal from Russia

In order to immigrate to Portugal from Russia, an individual will need to apply for and obtain a residence permit that will allow him or her to remain in the country for more than just tourism purposes.

In general, Russian nationals require a visa whenever they enter Portugal, whether it is for tourism, medical reasons, or other long-term stays such as employment.

In this article, our Portugal immigration agents list the main types of long-term residence permits and some of the most important requirements for obtaining them.

The applications are submitted to the Portuguese Embassy or Consulate in Russia and our agents can assist during the entire application process.

Types of visas for those who immigrate to Portugal from Russia

Russian nationals can apply for the following residence permits:

  1. Employment: when they have concluded an employment agreement with a Portuguese employer;
  2. Investment: when they make a substantial investment in real estate, a business, or other capital transfers;
  3. Study: when they are admitted to a Portuguese university or another educational institution;
  4. Family reunification: for those who already have a spouse or another first-degree family member who is lawfully residing in Portugal at the time of the application.

Russian entrepreneurs who work as sole traders can also apply for the Portugal digital nomad visa. While this allows them to remain for only one year in the country, it can be a springboard towards their initiative to relocate to the country.

The types of visas and residence permits mentioned in this article are subject to conditions referring both to the particular type of permit (such as those applicable to employees), but also general conditions, applicable to all applicants (such as having a valid travel document at all times).

The residence permits can be renewed as long as the holder continues to comply with the conditions for the purpose of the stay.

Our Portugal immigration specialists can help answer any questions you might have and will provide complete assistance during the application process.

The golden visa for Russian investors in Portugal

The investment residence permit is open to applicants from third-country citizens who wish to engage in business activity while being settled in Portugal. The following investment routes are available:

  • capital transfer of at least EUR 1 million;
  • 10 newly created job positions;
  • the purchase of real estate with a value of at least EUR 500,000;
  • the purchase of real estate with a value of at least EUR 350,000 when the construction is older than 30 years or when it is located in an urban regeneration area;
  • capital transfer of at least EUR 350,000 for investments in research activities;
  • capital transfer of at least EUR 250,000 for investments intended to support the arts or refurbish national heritage.

Conditions apply for each of the aforementioned investment routes. The investment needs to be conformed before the application for the residence permit is submitted.

We offer complete assistance to Russian investors who wish to apply for a golden visa.

Statistical data

Data from Statistics Portugal and the Foreigners and Borders Service, in conjunction with the Statistical Office shows that:

  • 409 Russian nationals applied for the residency permit for investment activities between October 2012 and November 2021;
  • 4 Russian nationals applied for this residency permit in January 2021;
  • 8 Russian nationals requested residency through investment in June 2021.

You can contact us if you would like to know more about how to immigrate to Portugal from Russia.

You can also reach out to us if you are a Russian citizen already living in Portugal and have questions about citizenship by naturalization.