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Relocate to Portugal from Argentina

Relocate to Portugal from Argentina

Moving to Portugal can be a simple process once all of the required steps are understood and all of the related costs are taken into account. Portugal can be a preferred choice for individuals from Argentina because of the standard of living, the easy access to other EU countries and the golden visa, which can offer attractive conditions for Portuguese residency.  

Individuals who wish to relocate to Portugal from Argentina will need to submit an application for their chosen type of visa with the Embassy of Portugal in Buenos Aires or the Consulate of Portugal in Mendoza.

Our team of Portugal immigration agents presents the main types of visas as well as the general steps for relocation. These steps are only general ones, that apply according to the type of residency permit. Individuals who wish to know more about one of these or those who need specialized assistance, such as that for obtaining Portugal citizenship, can reach out to our agents.

What are the types of visas?

  1. Working in Portugal: a permit available for employees, transferred workers, for self-employed individuals, for those who perform teaching activities or those engaged in highly qualified activities.
  2. Studying: for secondary education studies, for higher education or university studies as well as for trainees or volunteers.
  3. Investing: for entrepreneurs who wish to open a startup in Portugal or those who will open a business that will create at least ten jobs as well as those who make substantial capital transfers. 
  4. Family reunification: for the spouse, the underage children (of the couple or of one of the spouses), children of age who study in a Portuguese institution and other situations.

An immigration lawyer in Portugal from our team can give individuals from Argentina more details on each of these permits. The investment permit also includes a category for real estate investment, also known as the golden visa, which is described in more detail below.

Argentinians who are interested in moving to Portugal will need to prepare certain documents, as per their chosen type of residence permit.

What are the advantages of the golden visa?

The golden visa is a type of residence permit based on investment available to non-EU nationals. This means that Argentinians can qualify for it, provided that they comply with the minimum real estate investment (of or above 500 thousand euros). It should also be noted that the property purchase needs to be completed before the visa application. One of our immigration lawyers in Portugal can give you more details.

The advantages of the golden visa are the following:

  • Free movement: the visa is enough for the holder to enter Portugal or travel through other European countries.
  • Living and working: the holder can live and work in Portugal (special conditions for working may apply).
  • Staying in the country: the minimum periods for staying in the country are low; the holder can leave Portugal and return as he pleases if he stays for the minimum annual periods.
  • Family members: the holder can also bring his family members (subject to additional steps).
  • Permanent stay: the golden visa holder can apply for permanent residency after five years.

The golden visa can be advantageous for those investors who are willing to purchase property in Portugal. Interested individuals can reach out to our agents who specialize in immigration in Portugal for detailed conditions for this residence permit.

What are the rights and duties of a resident in Portugal?

An individual from Argentina who has obtained a residence permit in Portugal is entitled to the following: study and education, family reunification, accepting remunerated employment, pursuing self-employed activities, having access to professional guidance or training, access to health care as well as access to law and justice. Foreign citizens are entitled to equal treatment and they have the right to fiscal benefits, social security, to participate in unions or to have their diplomas recognized. 

Argentinians holding a residence permit in Portugal are required to renew it as needed and they need to inform the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF) of any change to their civil status or their place of residence within sixty days of such an occurrence. Ou team of Portugal immigration specialists can provide residence permit holders with more information about the renewal obligations. 

Once they have lived in the country for long enough and can prove that they meet other criteria, Argentinians can apply for Portugal citizenship.

Many foreign nationals are interested in immigrating to Portugal. According to a report issued by the Foreigners and Borders Services in 2018, the following data applied to Argentinians:

  • 486 was the total number of Argentinians in Portugal;
  • out of the total number, 229 were men and 257 women.
  • 82 Argentinian nationals were listed in the migration flows category.

Contact our Portugal immigration agents for complete assistance if moving from Argentina to Portugal.