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Immigrate to Portugal from Brazil

Immigrate to Portugal from Brazil

Portugal is one of the main destination countries for Brazilians looking to relocate in Europe. Individuals who choose to move to a country in Europe are not required to obtain a tourist visa or a provisional visa in order to enter the EU country in the first place. They will apply for the required visa according to their purpose of stay for a long period. This can be seen as an advantage, as the Brazilian applicant will not need to obtain a temporary and then residency in Portugal. He can simply apply for the beginning according to the desired purpose of stay, be it for employment, investment, study or otherwise. 

Brazilian immigrants in Portugal are comprised of both younger individuals who are looking to study and then find work once they finish their studies as well as those who have finished their studies and are looking to become employed or start a business. One particular type of residence that is available in Portugal is the one acquired through investment in real estate, as our immigration lawyers in Portugal discuss below.

In order to immigrate to Portugal from Brazil, individuals need to apply for a visa at The Portuguese Embassy in Brazil or to the other consulates throughout the country. Likewise, Brazil has five representations in Portugal, one in Lisbon and four in other large Portuguese cities.

In this article, our team of Portugal immigration agents describes the manner in which Brazilians can apply for a visa that allows them to stay permanently in the country. We also discuss the procedures that need to be handled once the immigrant arrives in the country. For more detailed information, Brazilians interested in this topic can reach out to us. We can also answer questions about obtaining Portugal citizenship.

Permanent residence in Portugal for Brazilians

In order to move to Portugal for long-term purposes, individuals need to submit an application for a visa and have it approved by the Embassy or Consulate General near the area they live in Brazil. This application is submitted in person and it is important to not only fill in the application as needed but also to bring all of the required documents, according to the purpose of the stay.

Below, our immigration lawyers in Portugal list the available types of residence permits:

  1. Employment: this can be obtained when a Brazilian applicant has concluded an employment contract with a Portuguese employer.
  2. Highly-qualified worker: in some industries, it is possible to apply for employment as a highly qualified worker in Portugal.
  3. Self-employment: entrepreneurs who are qualified to offer services as self-employed individuals can apply for a permit in order to conduct their activities in Portugal.
  4. Investment: this is available for those Brazilians who are willing to make a substantial investment in real estate in Portugal or open a company.
  5. Retirement: individuals who can prove that they have the means to sustain themselves while living in Portugal can apply for a non-lucrative visa.
  6. Study: Brazilians who are admitted to a Portuguese higher education institution receive a study residence permit in Portugal.

One of our agents can give you complete details about the types of residence permits in Portugal. individuals should know that the permit for working also applies in the case of transferred employees and that the study permit can also apply for researchers, trainers or volunteers as well as those who apply for a professional and secondary education program, not only for higher education. Likewise, there are situations in which the residence permit in Portugal may also be granted for family reunification purposes.

Temporary relocation to Portugal is now easier for digital nomads. A professional who can continue his or her activity remotely, offered for non-Portuguese clients, can apply for a digital nomad visa in Portugal, as long as the monthly income is sufficient. The financial requirements are calculated based on the current Portuguese minimum wage. Our team can give you more details.

Conditions for residency in Portugal

When moving to Portugal for one of the purposes described above, individuals need to comply with a number of criteria. Below, our agents describe the conditions for obtaining the investment permit when moving to Portugal. The applicant must be able to commit to an investment that will satisfy one of the following conditions:

  • Capital: in this case, the value of the capital transfer should be or one million euros or more;
  • Employment: the founder of a business should be able to create at least ten jobs.
  • Real estate: when the investment is in real estate, the value should be above 350.000 euros; our agents can give you more details about the golden visa in Portugal;
  • Research: a capital transfer of 350.000 euros or more for research activities conducted by public or private scientific institutions. 
  • Arts: a transfer of 250.000 euros or more for supporting the arts or for refurbishing national heritage. 

Applicants must also satisfy other conditions apart from the ones that dictate the nature of the possible investment. 

Contact our team of Portugal immigration specialists for more answers about immigrating to Portugal from Brazil. We can answer questions about residency as well as citizenship.

We can also answer questions about obtaining Portugal citizenship. This is available to Brazilian nationals who have been living in the country for a minimum number of years and who meet the lawful income requirement (through employment or otherwise). As a Brazilian applicant, the Portuguese language knowledge will not be an issue. If you wish to apply, our team can assist you.

We also assist other foreign nationals who are interested in knowing more about residency in Portugal. The entry requirements differ according to the applicant’s nationality, more specifically, on whether he or she is an EU citizen. Likewise, the conditions will also differ for the family members who wish to come to the country for family reunification purposes. Our team can give you complete details.